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Dubai Ports making a difference in Africa through trade and infrastructure development

Dubai Ports making a difference in Africa through trade and infrastructure development

Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Ports (DP) World’s Group said the key to African economic emergence lies in removal of barriers, increased connectivity between nations and infrastructure development at the Africa Emergence Conference 2019 in Dakar Senegal, that started today.

“We believe in the viability of Africa, we believe in investing in the continent, therefore during our investment in Senegal we improved efficiency and volumes 135% in 10 years,” he added. He explained how the economic emergence is dependent on increasing inter African trade and infrastructure development.

“The removal of trade barriers is very important, in Africa tariffs are 50% higher than in Latin America and Asia, as a result, intra regional trade in Africa is only 12% while in Europe, Asia and Latin America it is over 50%, which needs to be improved,” he highlighted.

Bin Sulayem stressed that as a smart trade enabler, DP World has the extensive expertise and know-how that can help African countries realise their trade and infrastructure goals, whole assisting countries to address national ports and logistics infrastructure challenges.

“We believe in connecting landlocked nations to the world and international markets, therefore our logistics park in Rwanda will reduce costs across the country and region, but hopefully across the continent,” he said.

DP World has operations in Senegal, Egypt, Mozambique, Somaliland, Rwanda and Algeria and has recently signed an agreement with the Mali to develop a logistic platform and the DRC for the countries first deep-sea port.


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