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Swakop Uranium to build a bridge

Swakop Uranium has started working on plans to build a bridge that will provide another access route to the Husab Mine.
Stretching over 160 metres, the bridge to be erected over the Khan river, will be one of the longest in the country.
The uranium company says it decided to embark on this venture with the intention of minimising travel time for future employees, while also considering cost and the company’s responsibility towards the environment.
In 2009 an engineering cost study proposed road access from the B2 main road for general access and transport of employees. The study further suggested rail access from Walvis Bay across the Swakop River for the transportation of bulk materials such as diesel, acid, sulphur and various consumables and reagents.
However ,with the enormous capital requirement for the rail rank from Walvis Bay which would have cost the company N$1.2 billion, Swakop Uranium decided to save on construction costs as well as minimising the foot print of the required infrastructure. Thus a decision was made to abandon railway access and only provide for a proper tarred road to connect Husab with the national road network.
The road will be on the northern bank of the Khan River with a distance of almost 3 km.
Speaking to the Economist this week, Nomvula Kambinda of Swakop Uranium said a decision to choose the company that will be responsible for the construction is yet to be made as the company is still in the process of looking into tender proposals.
Between  200 and 300 people will be involved in the project of which 50 people will work directly on the bridge.

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