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Get colourful and support children fighting cancer – National Spray-A-Thon to kick off in March

Get colourful and support children fighting cancer – National Spray-A-Thon to kick off in March

The Cancer Association of Namibia has invited the corporate sector and all schools to participate in the 2019 National Spray-A-Thon in support of children fighting cancer.

This year’s campaign will run from 1 to 16 March

In preparation for the drive the CAN this week requested all interested companies and school to contact the association in advance to make the necessary arrangement for adequate hairspray to be dispatched.

Chief Executive Officer of the Association, Rolf Hansen, said the 2018 event was a resounding success and while they placed the biggest order for spray cans in the history of the event, they still ran out, therefore to this end they have increased their annual order to avid disappointment in 2019.

All funds raised through the National Spray-A-Thon are earmarked for the Children fighting cancer in Namibia (CHICA) Fund, the Chirldren’s Financial Support Programme, CHICA Interim Home, Ward 8 West Paediatric Oncology Ward at Windhoek Central Hospital and buy fruits and yoghurt on a weekly basis for hospitalised children fighting cancer.

Companies and schools interested to join in this fun project of hope can contact Mary-Jane Human at [email protected] or 23 7740 between 21 January to 15 February 2019 to make necessary arrangements.


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