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Coordination among micro enterprise service providers needed – First Lady

Coordination among micro enterprise service providers needed – First Lady

The One Economy Foundation, which was started by Madame Monica Geingos, First Lady hosted a High Level Round Table Dialogue recently, to help address fragmentation within the industry.

Uajorokisa Akwenya, Chief Executive Officer of the One Economy Foundation said that micro lenders can help and create a meaningful solution and impact to help small scale entrepreneurs.

“Small loans can make a different in the community and families and today we are here to find out where we go wrong and where we succeed in the industry,” she added.

The First Lady said they are a non-profit organisation that gives out micro loan and therefore it is their mission to make sure that they give the best services and understand their clients.

“Our clients can be very gullible therefore they need to be educated and we as One Economy can not do it alone,” she added.

She said this is why the dialogue is being held to pick everyone’s brain in the industry to come up with solutions that are Africo -centric solutions to build entrepreneurs instead of breaking them down.

“We need to share lessons and experiences, to create a healthy eco-system to support entrepreneurs,” she said.

The Objectives of the Round Table was to address the fragmentation which exists among micro lenders, who provide productive funding and other business development services towards micro businesses and to share key learning and challenges in order to facilitate the sharing of innovative practices related to micro lenders as agents of change for the development of micro entrepreneurs.


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