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Teaching beauty skills to the youth

Teaching beauty skills to the youth

Cosmetologist and Physiotherapist, Anne Uaputauka who is based in the United Kingdom (UK) have been training young people in Cosmetology in Otjiwarongo, as part of the Young Africa Namibia initiative.

Anna who grew up in Otjiwarongo not just imparted her knowledge and skills to the young people but also shared her life experiences and instilled high professionalism in them. She also taught them to uphold high standards at all times and she kept on reminding her student that Cosmetology is a very high discipline and they will need to look the part to impress her clients.

“Your business starts with you, you must walk and talk your business because you are the first person your clients are introduced to,” she added. Before saying her farewell to the students Anne left them well equipped and well trained, who have already become beauty therapists to staff members of Young Africa.

“My advice to the girl child out there is to believe in yourself and there is no dream too big or to small, as the saying goes, where there is a will, there is a way. So even if you encounter setbacks on your journey, do not give up on your dreams, keep on believing and persevering,” she emphasised.

Anna obtained her qualification in beauty and nail technology at the Camelot Beauty School and at the Shadonai Beauty School where she studied for 13 different types of massages. After that, she did a Physiotherapist course in Cape Town.

Young Africa aims to empower young people through skills training for employability and entrepreneurship.


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