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Failure is an exercise of success

Failure is an exercise of success

By Mandisa Rasmeni.

Moreen Nuses and her sister decided to embarked on a business venture in 2019 by starting Asante Upholstery Fabric and Fashion CC. They chose the name Asante after they came back from a holiday in Zanzibar, Tanzania and because they appreciated the Swahili language and all the things they learned and experienced there.

After working in reflexology, spa therapy and the tourism industry Moreen decided to embark on this business venture with her sister in 2019. “We are suppliers of upholstery fabric, upholstery accessories and fashion fabric, by giving quality fabrics and accessories that suit our clients and we also liaise between our customers and upholsterers,” she explained.

As co-owner and manager of Asante she realized that smaller upholsters are not really catered for, they have to take what they can get. “Now they have the opportunity to voice their needs and we also help with their innovative designs,” she added.

Moreen said they got into the upholstery business because of her brother-in-law who is an expert in upholstery fabric, hence they thought to combine upholstery fabrics and accessories with African fashion print fabrics.

At the moment, their biggest challenge is the COVID-19 pandemic which has prevented them to do consultations with various upholsterers because they are unable to give presentation with the material. “Being connected online has an impact, but not on the level you would expect, we cater for the smaller upholsterers and they rely on the core product and not digital meeting or presentations, plus we are still networking to import from Ghana as their material for African print is very beautiful, vibrant and catches the eye,” she explained.

Even with the challenges they face as a company she urged women who want to start their own business to get all the knowledge they can about their business of interest. “Nothing to lose and all to gain may be a cliché but it is true, and there are so many opportunities to avail yourself of training and guidance,” she advised.

She says the best feeling is seeing the beautiful furniture that is made from their fabrics and knowing they are supplying the best quality to their clients.“We plan to be the best supplier in fabric and accessories and would like to network more with upholsterers throughout Namibia as well as interior designers,” Moreen stated about their future plans.

She said no situation is permanent therefore seeing how her life has changed through the years, even when facing struggles, is an inspirations. “The fact is, every new day brings new challenges and nothing is impossible, therefore never doubt your skills and capabilities, try what you can and when you can, because failure is nothing but an exercise of success,” she advised.

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Mandisa Rasmeni

Mandisa Rasmeni has worked as reporter at the Economist for the past five years, first on the entertainment beat but now focussing more on community, social and health reporting. She is a born writer and she believes education is the greatest equalizer. She received her degree in Journalism at the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) in June 2021. . She is the epitome of perseverance, having started as the newspaper's receptionist in 2013.