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Southern Africa Academy to improve filmmakers skills and talent

Southern Africa Academy to improve filmmakers skills and talent

By Linda Machinga

MultiChoice Africa recently opened the MultiChoice Talent Factory Academy in the southern Africa Region.

The event was held at the Zambia Institute of Mass Communication (ZAMCOM), an independent professional media training trust and heritage site in Lusaka.

The Academy opening celebrated the future of the film and television industry with some of the Southern Region’s most esteemed figures including Ministers and distinguished dignitaries, talent and promising filmmakers.

The Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services and Chief Government spokesperson Zambia Hon. Dora Siliya, acknowledged the partnership between Zambia and MultiChoice as rewarding.

“The fact that MultiChoice can take a chance with the young people in the Region calls for special applause. Under that point, I want to call on the private sector and reiterate that the magic in the film sector in other countries such as Nigeria is a result of the private sector such as banks and others taking a chance on the film industry. We are not going to turn our stories if we are going to wait for financial support from overseas. We can only tell our stories if the private sector in our countries in the Region takes a chance on these young people and most of all the film industry as a whole,” she said.

Academy Director, Berry Lwendo said that the 20 candidates will be provided with skill sets to develop their talent, connect with industry and professionals and tell authentic African stories through their 12 month training.

“The MultiChoice Talent Factory is committed to empowering young filmmakers and enriching the video broadcasting industry, and the academy is our key to doing this and addressing the numerous gaps across the Region. We believe that given an opportunity, an empowered new generation of filmmakers and TV professionals will rise to take their place at the forefront of local creative industries, producing the very best of local African content for our customers,” explained Lwendo.

The Regional Director Southern Region for MultiChoice Africa Nyiko Shiburi said that the business believes that a key ingredient of business prosperity and sustainability is having the right partners and enabling government and regulatory regimes which stimulates business the broader economy and creates prosperity for all.

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