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This Week in The Khuta – A new beginning

Yvonne has been awarded a scholarship to study Media Management at the Sol Plaatje Institute for Media Leadership at Rhodes University in Grahamstown. She returns to the Economist in December this year.

The challenges of new beginnings: Eugene F. Ware; All glory comes from daring to begin.
Whether it is in business, love or life, starting something new has its difficulties. There is no real certainty at the start of a journey and ‘like taking that last step in the dark’ it can shake the senses right out of you, flood you with anxiety and downright scare you.
With all of that said it almost sounds like starting something would be near to impossible, doomed to fail yet we do it almost every day both subconsciously and consciously.
I believe that the most basic tools for facing any new endeavour is making a list and checking it twice. ‘Success is opportunity meeting preparation’
Similar to making a grocery list, we begin any and all journeys with where we want to go and what we desire to achieve. Having a clearly defined purpose, one can built a strong resolve.
In business one may call this the business proposal, in love it may be the first attempt at getting a special someone’s attention and in life it may be simply observing what needs to change.
I personally do not fancy new beginnings, the mere idea of uncertainty and surprises does not sound appealing to me but then they are inevitable. Change is constant, and new beginnings are a given.
When I first walked into the media fraternity while studying still at the Polytechnic Journalism School, I didn’t know what to expect but I had a list. A list of what I wanted to accomplish and a rough idea of how I was to achieve that and with every achievement, I made a tick. And it made me feel like I was moving, I was getting somewhere however small the achievement was.
During my last year, I had to do experiential learning. And when I started at the Economist, I was a mere intern, new in the game, not knowing what to expect or what industry holds for me. And even then I had a list, from actually getting the contract, to by the end, keeping in constant touch with my sources.
The list I made guided me all the way, and when it was December, I was patting myself on the shoulders. Because I have taken my first steps, I could say “yes I have made my mark, I have made my contribution, regardless how modest it was.”
When one embarks on new journeys, I think that it is good to keep record and see what progress you make. In that way you keep evaluating your performance. In business it could be how sales or customers are reacting to your service or product, in love, opening up as to what you truly feel, and in life, sticking to priorities.
Of course not all of us keep track of our lists. Even I do not always buy only what I budgeted for but what’s important is getting the most essential things, and letting the list serve as a guideline.
It takes discipline to follow principles. And for those that live by principles, rewards are reaped in abundance.
Anyway, after about a year in the journalism field, I am set to embark on new beginnings. Perhaps this is the greatest step I have ever taken and will ever take, considering my age. And I have started with my preparation list, so that it reminds me, and guides me on what matters most.

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