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Meatco commissions new fire-line and fire pump to manage fire risk at Windhoek factory

Meatco commissions new fire-line and fire pump to manage fire risk at Windhoek factory

Meatco recently commissioned a new fire pump at its Windhoek factory, after testing was conducted at optimum performance.

The fire pump, which drives adequate pressure and additional water volumes to the fire protection system, including fire sprinklers, is the first line of defence against any emergency fire incident.

According to Meatco, proper maintenance and testing of the system’s fire pump should be a priority to keep employees and the processing plant safe from harm in the event of a fire emergency.

Health and Safety Manager, Mieszko Thomas, said it was necessary for Meatco to commission a fire-line and fire pump to manage fire risk within the operation.

“Through this, the first phase has been completed which now allows for water to be pumped to all critical factory areas in case of an emergency fire situation,” Thomas said.

The emergency fire pump is an automatic diesel driven pump which is pressure regulated and automatically starts-up when a fire hydrant is opened along the fire line installed.

“It is designed to deliver 1650 litres of water per minute at 800kpa (kilopascal), although the main water supply is derived from the City of Windhoek’s Municipal water supply line, we have made provision for two additional water storage tanks which accumulates up to approximately 190,000 litres of water which can be supplied for water emergency purposes,” Thomas explained.

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