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UNISA prepares trainee accountants through local study sessions

UNISA prepares trainee accountants through local study sessions

By Natasha Jacha

The University of South Africa (UNISA) in conjunction with the Public Accountant Auditors Board (PAAB), last week hosted their first study school for the distance students in Windhoek.

Public Accountant Auditors Board Membership and Training Officer, Fenni Nghikevali said they recognised the challenges that many UNISA distance accounting students face and they embraced an initiative to introduce regular study schools for trainee accountants in the country.

“We going to have two sessions in which we will we be helping the students to prepare for the upcoming October 2018 examination and improve their networking skills with UNISA lecturers,” said Nghikeval.

The first session was on Management Accounting, which was lectured by Fanus Nortjie from UNISA.

Nortjie encouraged the students to study and put more effort despite the time limit as they prepare for the upcoming exams. He also aimed at helping the students prepare for exams by reaching the case studies.

Meanwhile, this study school will be covering five modules and only 15 minimum students per module. Materials covered will be Test 3 and Test 4, with other questions also being accommodated.

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