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Idiom Competition for Afrikaans set for the screen

Idiom Competition for Afrikaans set for the screen

By Natasha Jacha

The Afrikaanse Taal-en Kultuurverniging (ATKV) a non profit organisation will host the Idiom Competition for Afrikaans.

The competition will have 18 secondary school learners competing against each other in various categories, which include competing Afrikaans idioms, forming new idioms with key words and a rapid fire section where the meaning of idioms must be given.

The participating schools are allowed to have two learners competing who will then challenge each other on a knock-out-round radio programme hosted on NBC’s Hartklop FM.

The programme will be broadcast every Wednesday afternoon at 14:15 and will run until mid-October 2018, when the final teams will compete for the title trophy.

According to Chairperson of ATKV Namibia, Leoni van Rensburg the aim of this competition is to promote Afrikaans language and to familiarise school learners with Afrikaans expressions and idioms.

“There are more than 8000 idioms and expressions in the Afrikaans language, which the learners have to memorise and use correctly during the competition. The competition will test and expand the learners’ knowledge on idioms,” she said.

Rensburg explained how useful the idioms are in examinations, as it will be an advantage of learners who will most likely earn extra marks if idioms are used in their written work.

According to Rensburg the winners of this competition will be given a Bank Windhoek trophy that will remain at the school for a year as well as cash prices sponsored by Bank Windhoek. And each school as well as the two learners will also receive a trophy and certificates for their participation in the Idiom Competition from the ATKV at the Pluimpie Gala Evening.

Meanwhile, Bank Windhoek’s Coordinator of Sponsorships and Events, Suzette January said that, we are certain that the participating learners from various schools, will benefit from this initiative.

Caption: Chairperson of ATKV Namibia, Leoni van Rensburg, Bank Windhoek’s Coordinator of Sponsorships and Events, Suzette January and ATKV’s Treasurer, Ansa Elli

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