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Health Ministry welcomes 12th Chinese medical team

Health Ministry welcomes 12th Chinese medical team

The 11th Chinese Medical team to Namibia last week bade farewell after two years of administering Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at the Chinese Acupuncture Department of Katutura State Hospital.

The health ministry honored the team for their exemplary contribution to the provision of healthcare services especially Traditional Chinese Medicine and awarded them with Certificates of Appreciation during at a ceremony in Windhoek.

Acting Permanent Secretary of Health, Petronella Mashabane at the event commended the efforts of the out-going team and said the country’s health sector has benefited a lot from their services as they offer something different from the modern western world.

“To the out going team I say all your efforts have straightened the relationship China and Namibia shares and when you return to China become Namibia’s ambassadors and share the experience of your journey,” she said.

Katutura Hospital nurse, Sister Nghisholangwa who worked with the out-going Chinese team said that the team imparted some of their knowledge, through their hard work, punctuality and friendly work ethics.

“Most of the patients, mainly elderly from the rural parts of the country benefited from the TCM, especially those who had strokes and reoccurring migraines. Most of them recovered quite well from the treatment and its all thanks to the Chinese team,” she added.

According to another Sister, Tangeni Malakai, TCM in Namibia has become so popular, that over the two years the Chinese medical doctors handled a large number of patients.

“The government needs to have more Chinese Acupuncture Departments across the country, especially in the north and south of the country as most of the patients hail from these rural parts. If more facilities across the country are introduced a lot more people can benefit,” she added

Meanwhile, the Chinese Ambassador, Zhang Yiming thanked the government for accommodating their medical teams and said the Chinese team had changed many lives in the country and through that gained a lot of respect.

The incoming Chinese Team leader, Dr. Chu Hailin, who is not new to the country’s health sector, wished the out-going team well and said his team will keep up the tradition and maintain the standards and reputation.

The Chinese medical team first came to Namibia in 1996 to set up the acupuncture department at the Katutura intermediate hospital and every two years there is a new team of Chinese doctors who come to the clinic.

Caption: Acting Permanent Secretary of Health, Petronella Mashabane (L) together with Chinese Ambassador to Namibia, Zhang Yiming (M) honored the Chinese Medical team leader, Dr. Zhang Shui Ying for their exemplary contribution to the provision of healthcare services.

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