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Team Namibia brand value enhances tourism companies and operators

Team Namibia brand value enhances tourism companies and operators

“A visitor to Namibia is an ambassador for everything truly Namibian. We want visitors to totally love Namibia and have the desire to support all that is Namibian and to continue engaging Namibia upon their return home, to keep lingering on their holiday experiences,” said Bärbel Kirchner of Team Namibia when she announced that they will boost local tourism with brand support at this week’s Tourism Expo.

“Tourism is a thriving sector in the economy. Team Namibia wants to get businesses like tour operators, hotel and accommodation providers and other service providers, to join the mobilising force for continued awareness of the need to support and buy local, especially amongst visitors to Namibia,” she said.

“The Namibia Tourism Expo is the exhibition that stands out in Namibia’s events calendar. It provides the perfect platform to achieve our objectives. We are glad that we are able to have a small yet strong presence at the show, especially as we want to spread the message and secure understanding that Team Namibia is also about promoting local service providers; that is in addition to manufacturers and producers,” said Kirchner.

“In a world with an overload of messages, Namibia provides the true escape. People overseas long for what we have – the space and the time to think, to put things into perspective. Out of that flows true creativity, new energy and vision. Yet, we need to find ways to continue their connection with Namibia; to keep people engaged with what they actually long for. Let them be our ambassadors and engage with the spectrum of Namibian service providers and find ways to export our products. We need our visitors to build markets for our products and services.”

Team Namibia is exhibiting at the Namibia Tourism Expo, 30 May to 02 June 2018, on stand number M6 in the Galphini Hall. The focus of the marketing organisation, which is solely financed by membership fees, will be businesses in the tourism sector, to carry the brand Team Namibia to all corners of the world.



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