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Basil Read Mining refutes allegations of unfair treatment of employees

Basil Read Mining refutes allegations of unfair treatment of employees

Basil Read Mining Namibia (BRMN) on Monday in a statement said all employees at their Weatherly International Tschudi copper mine project near Tsumeb are treated equally and fairly despite allegations emanating from workers.

In the statement Basil said that the mining firm abides by a Code of Ethics and Business Conduct which requires that all employees be treated equally and fairly.

“BRMN subscribes to employment equity practices in Namibia. To achieve our employment equity targets, as part of our recruitment BRMN targets Institutes of Higher learning in Namibia to attract students for internships and employment. Any allegations to the contrary are taken seriously and will be thoroughly investigated,” they said in the statement.

According to the company as part of their Corporate Social Investment initiatives, they have collaborated with the Namibian Institute of Mining and Technology to train 28 apprentices as artisans annually, and have been doing so since 2015.

“We are committed to developing our employees and have to date trained eight operators as supervisors,” the company stated.

Meanwhile, regarding allegations that BRMN’s management has refused to engage in wage negotiations since 2014, Basil said the 2017-2018 wage negotiations with employees have deadlocked and the matter has been referred to the labour ministry for conciliation.

“We do not intend negotiating with our employees through the media, but we are confident that our salaries are way above the industry benchmark and we have evidence to this effect that we will provide to the Department of Labour,” they added.

Meanwhile the mining outfit is confident that the Ministry of Labour will find in they favour with respect to the issue of overtime because all their remuneration practices are in line with Namibian laws.



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