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MTC to give free data to customers affected during Easter Monday’s technical glitch

MTC to give free data to customers affected during Easter Monday’s technical glitch

Local Mobile Telecommunications Company, MTC, will reimburse all data subscription customers that were affected during Easter Monday’s glitch, according to Chief Human Capital & Corporate Affairs Officer Tim Ekandjo.

In a statement this week Ekandjo confirmed that 54,595 data subscriptions and 56,877 sms customers were affected.

“These are customers whose bundles terminated and who still had bundles which they could not use on Monday because of the network failures we experienced. We will reimburse these customers with both data and sms’s, and will accordingly give them what they lost. We will communicate to all the affected customers via sms to inform them how much data and sms’s they will receive and for how long they will be able to use it,” he added.

Ekandjo said all customers will receive 24- hour use of the data that will be reimbursed andcustomers will also receive preference of usage above the existing bundles.

According to Ekandjo, the outage was unfortunate and unexpected and is attributed to an operating system malfunction and although MTC has implemented full redundancy on these systems, an interruption to these services could not be avoided.

“This was an isolated incident and we would like to reassure our customers that MTC will take every precaution to ensure that such incidences are not repeated,” he added.


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