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All women motivated not to let stress take over their lives

All women motivated not to let stress take over their lives

Do you feel that you do not have your life under control or that you are stuck in one place and not moving forward to bigger and better things that life has to offer you? Have no fear, life coach Dr Gustav Gous has the answers how to live a fulfilling, fruitful and happy life.

Speaking at the Economist Businesswoman Club breakfast on Friday morning, he emphasised the zest for life and its importance to those who want to improve their lives.

Dr Gous, an international motivational speaker and trainer, said the best way to predict the future is to create it.

He said the trick is not to avoid stress because stress will always be part of your life, but the key is rather how you react to stress. He explained that life throws a lot of balls at you and the way you handle those situations makes the difference between successful and happy people in the one group and sad and unsuccessful people in the other.

“How happy are you? If you are not 100% something is wrong, life’s challenges will always put you in stress, therefore create your own happiness and do not let stress affect you,” he advised. To live a holistic life he gave 10 steps that will make it easier for every woman to be successful, happy and well, physically mentally and spiritually.

First and foremost, he suggests that you find your faith. You must always remember that you do not walk alone, that there is always a higher power looking out for you. He also said it is important to focus your mind. This must almost be like a habit. “Focus on all the positive things in your life and things you want to do in future and do not to let negative thoughts overflow your mind,” he said.

Next he advised his audience to master their emotions. “Do not be a person that does not show any emotion but also do not be overly emotional. Do not be that person that gets ulcers by being too emotional, neither be that person that gets ulcers by suppressing your emotions,” he continued.

This may sound easy but the good doctor has consulted thousands of people during his career so he knows a practical, workable roadmap is required. In this regard, he said “Transform your actions. Do not be tossed around by small things. Draw up a plan of action, a personal development plan that fits your circumstances, your temperament, and your abilities.”

How must a transformation be effected? For this Dr Gous offers the following advice. “Start by watching what you say. After observing your own verbal reactions to particular events, especially where conflict is involved, you will soon see a negative pattern. Avoid this, first in your words, and then later when you have mastered your own disposition, also in your thoughts. You should always have something nice to say about yourself, it does not help putting yourself down, leave that to the haters.”

He teaches that you should control your social exposure. “Your friends reflect who you are, therefore associate yourself with people who make you better or who do not poison your mind with garbage.”

He says to always laugh because laughter is the best medicine. Further, to eat right and to train your emotional and spiritual muscles just like you would train your physical body.”
“Even if you find it hard in the beginning, you will still have the benefit of relaxing and learning the knack to make space for yourself. Me-time rejuvenates the soul and it puts you on course gradually to master the ability to stay in control of your emotions.”

The Businesswoman Club provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and expertise through planned networking sessions for personal development and improved management skills. Ultimately, the club exists to advance the standing and power of women. The club’s activities are sponsored by Telecom Namibia.

Dr Gous frequently visits Windhoek where he has established a growing client base. He specialises in transformation, personal development and life coaching.

Caption: Dr Gustav Gous, Motivational Speaker, Louisa Shixwameni, Deputy Permatent Secretary, Ministry of Public Enterprises, Felicitas Kakoro-Gowases, Senior Manager: Marketing and Communications, Telecom Namibia and Desere Muller, Chairperson of the Economist Businesswoman Club. at this year’s first Economist Businesswoman Breakfast.



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