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Law Society appoints new Director after 25 years

Law Society appoints new Director after 25 years

The Law Society of Namibia (LSN) announced the appointment of the new Director designate, Neliswa Tjahikika on 15 September at their offices.

This was done as the fixed-term contract of the current director, Retha Steinmann who served the LSN for 25 years, comes to an end on 30 November.

Acting Chairperson of the LSN, Clive Kavendjii, announced the appointment of Tjahikika and said she is an admitted legal practitioner of the High Court of Namibia and comes with a great wealth of experience gained from serving in various positions.

“Tjahikika has been appointed on a five-year contract starting on 15 September and I welcome her officially to the Society.  I have no iota of a doubt that she will do well in this position,” added Kavendjii.

He further stated that Tjahikika will play a critical role in ensuring that the values and those of the legal profession are observed, enhanced, and maintained.

“The contract of our current Director, Retha Steinmann will come to an end on 30 November, therefore Neliswa Tjahikika will closely work with the current Director to ensure a smooth transition,” said Kavendjii.

Kavendjii further expressed that at a befitting time, the Council of the LSN will express its appreciation for the work done by Retha Steinmann.

“Allow me at this juncture to profoundly express my appreciation for the dedicated service rendered by her to the LSN and the entire legal profession,” emphasised Kavendjii.

Talking about Retha Steinmann, Kavendjii said she joined the LSN as Director in February 1997 and she has been at the helm of this institution for 25 years.

“At the time the LSN was a relatively obscure and unknown entity. She transformed the Society, and to have transformed the LSN into the organisation that it is today, required hard work, dedication, resolve, and an unswerving commitment, which she had in abundance and we are eternally grateful to her,” said Kavendjii.

He thanked his fellow Council members and said their collective efforts have borne fruit and that they successfully met one of the objectives they set themselves when they were elected to the Council. “In particular the appointment of the Director of the LSN is an extraordinary and epoch-making milestone,” he concluded.


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