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Ambulance bicycles help improve maternal and infant health in rural areas

Ambulance bicycles help improve maternal and infant health in rural areas

The Bicycle Empowerment Network Namibia have raised over N$13,000 with their first crowd funding project for a solar electric bicycle ambulance project.

Director of the Bicycle Empower Network Namibia, Michael Linke, said they have reached a milestone of 50 000 bicycles imported into Namibia so far.

“We have also tested a waste recycling project and introduced Africa’s first solar electric ambulances with aim of improving maternal and infant health and general healthcare access,” he added.

He said that one of their objectives is to share what they learn as widely as possibly and that everyone who donated and is part of this project is helping to bring about transformation in affordable, sustainable, emergency transport throughout the continent and this will improve healthcare access in Namibia and throughout Africa.

“The donations will help make a difference on the ground as we test this pioneering technology and also help get mothers safely to hospital on time,” he added.

According to Linke, they have designed, manufactured and delivered ambulances, with training in use and discussions on management, as well as monitor their use closely through follow-up field visits.

“Data on their use also help us to improve both design and deliver with the aim of making them more versatile and reliable in Namibia’s sandy and thorny expenses,” he said.


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