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Life begins with women, so does empowering a nation

Life begins with women, so does empowering a nation

By Frieda Ndinelago Amadhila
B Comm (hons) graduate in financial engineering majoring in financial derivatives, investment, corporate risk management, portfolio management, financial markets and institutions, bank management, financial modelling and international finance.

There is an adage that says, “educate a woman, empower a nation.” Women in Namibia play a crucial role in the nation’s welfare, from generation continuity to raising families. Statistics show that women dominate numbers in tertiary institutions. The hope is to attain a good education and jobs to provide for their families, as well as educating them for a better future.

The Namibian Students Financial Assistance Fund plays a crucial role in making this dream a reality.

Namibian women are dedicated, hardworking and eager for an education. Academic development at all levels has become more widely accessible. However, a woman’s educational journey is often marred by obstacles, whether it is lack of resources, teenage pregnancies, no support structure at home and a host of other socio-economic issues. Tertiary institutions are normally expensive and this poses another challenge in pursuing educational dreams. This is why the Namibian Students Financial Assistance Fund exists.

Statistics for the year 2017 alone show that 15,716 students received some form of funding from the fund with many more applying for bursaries, grants or loans. A large percentage of the beneficiaries who receive assistance annually are women. This is a very positive sign as this is the only true and tested way to ensure an equal society. Education for women is essential and they must have access to it, as families and communities benefit when you educate a woman.

Women play a significant role in empowering a nation, it gives them a feeling of self-worth and makes a person well-rounded. Studying broadens your horizons and allows you to look beyond your village, town or city. A keen mind and a tertiary education can take you anywhere and with the support and financial backing of the fund, you are not even restricted to Namibia. There are a number of students who have been awarded grants, loans and scholarships to study for their Masters and Doctorate degrees in countries such as South Africa, Zambia, Russia, Germany, China and America, amongst others.

The Land of The Brave is rated number 6 on the list of most-educated countries in Africa, which is something to be enormously proud of. It is also the basis for the continued socio-economic growth of Namibia. With more and more women being promoted to positions of power within both the private and public sector in Namibia, women see that they are able to achieve their dreams…if they have an education.

The access and ability to finance girls and women in their journey through the educational system with the reward being a degree, or perhaps several degrees must never be closed off. It is the only way in which the goals, dreams and aspiration of the Land of the Brave and of all Namibians can and will be achieved.

Life begins with women and so does empowerment for all.

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