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With the all-new Patrol, Nissan emerges from the luxury offroad shadows

With the all-new Patrol, Nissan emerges from the luxury offroad shadows

Nissan introduced the stunning all-new Patrol earlier in December to the market in southern Africa, as a completely re-designed, reworked and respecced serious offroader despite all the frills to make it competitive against other luxury large SUVs.

Weighing in at 3500 kg, the Patrol is no lightweight, requiring a substantial and responsive power plant in the form of a massive V8, and a 7-speed automatic transmission to propel its bulky frame. It is equally at home in city traffic, and in the thick sand along the beach.

Shortly after the vehicle’s local introduction, Nissan said “The Patrol is Nissan’s premium flagship model for people with a distinctly affluent taste. It’s for the sophisticated buyer who requires an SUV that’s big on features, big on opulence, big on style and big on exclusivity.”

With this statement, Nissan made it clear that for the first time since 1951, it is their intention to position the Patrol as a serious contender alongside famous margues like the Land Cruiser and the Range Rover.

“Following its international success, Nissan is confident the new Patrol will find a place in African hearts as the new model embraces comfort, extravagance and smart technology without losing its off-road proficiency,” Nissan stated.

“We are extremely proud of the new Nissan Patrol because it shows just how advanced Nissan is when it comes to Intelligent Mobility. This executive SUV has an amazing array of technology that keeps you safe and in premium comfort while re-energising your passion for driving,” said Xavier Gobille, Nissan Group of Africa Managing Director of Marketing and Sales.

The Patrol is powered by a robust, high-tech 5.6-litre V8 petrol engine that develops 298kW of power and 560Nm of torque.

The 7-speed automatic gearbox uses variable valve technology to deliver seamless performance whenever it’s needed. It can trundle along quite happily in gridlocked traffic and when the opportunity presents itself, the Patrol will produce a prodigious amount of energy in a short amount of time.

The All-Mode 4-wheel drive system features Auto/4H/4LO modes and an electronically controlled part-time transfer case. Under normal driving conditions, the system operates in two-wheel drive mode, but it can distribute torque to all four wheels when road conditions warrant it with up to 50% of the torque delivered to the front wheels when needed.

The Patrol comes standard with a 140-litre fuel tank.

Its towing capacity of 3.5 tonnes is enhanced by its independent double wishbone front and rear suspension for a smooth driving experience regardless whether on the road or deep in the bush.
The Patrol retails upwards of N$1.3 million. It is backed by Nissan Assured, a 6-year, 150,000 km warranty and a comprehensive 3-year, 90,000 km service plan.



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