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VW dealer brings joy to learners at Naiti Combined in Ogongo

VW dealer brings joy to learners at Naiti Combined in Ogongo

The VW dealership in Ongewediva that flies under the Pupkewitz Motors banner, recently donated 42 pairs of school shoes to the learners of Naiti Combined School at Ogongo, some 50 km from Oshakati.

VW Dealer Principal, Isai Shigweda expressed his joy at the opportunity they had to make a difference in the lives of the Naiti children. “Any contribution, no matter how small, makes a big difference in the lives of these children therefore being able to give back to the community gives me a deep sense of gratitude,” he said.

Pupkewitz Motors has expanded its footprint into northern Namibia with the addition of a state-of- the-art Volkswagen dealership in Ongwediva, a year before Covid struck.

This fully-fledged dealership now carries a full range of new and pre-owned VW vehicles, as well as state-of-the-art equipment in the workshop.

“These children are the future of our country, and will one day be the adults who Pupkewitz Motors has to provide affordable mobility solutions to,” said the Group’s VW Franchise Director, Nico Pieters.

“It is an absolute honour and privilege for Pupkewitz Volkswagen North to contribute to the wellbeing of the young learners at Naiti Combined School. We hope to inspire these children to work hard to achieve their goals and dreams,” he said.


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