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Self-starters do catchy web designs

Simba Clive and Donavan Keister of African Business Solutions. (Photograph by Hilma Hashange)

Simba Clive and Donavan Keister of African Business Solutions. (Photograph by Hilma Hashange)

Established just three years ago in 2009 by four young entrepereneurs, African Business Solutions is already a force to be reckoned with in the multimedia industry. The start-up website developer serves a wide spectrum of clients ranging from small SME outfits to large established organisations.  This week they celebrated their success by supporting five charitable organisations with web services and web hosting, free of charge.
TheAfrican Business Solutions team consists of two equal partners. This week the Economist caught up with Simba Clive and Donavan Keister to discuss their achievements and their plans for the future. Simba is the Client Services Director and spokesperson for the team.
Simba said each is qualified in his own field enabling them to offer a spectrum of services in business development, creative development, media production and web development.
Over the previous weekend, African Business Solutions gave five charity organisations a donation of web development and hosting for a lifetime. The five charities are Hope Village, Katutura Football for Hope, Aflatoun, Kyamarzan Trust and Baby Haven.
“The whole concept of this initiative is for African Business Solutions to give back to society so we decided to create websites for these organisations absolutely free of charge every year,” said Simba.
“We realised that many people wanted to start their own businesses but had no funds or the necessary know-how to do so. Hence, we came up with the idea of offering business development consultation services, corporate identity building and ultimately designing websites for businesses to showcase their services online,”said Simba.
Simba says bigger plans await African Busines Solutions. He says that five more organisations will be selected in November to benefit from the free web site development and use the platform to expose their services.
“The aim is not only to sell but to also put as many organisations online, especially small and medium entreprises. Ultimately our goal is to contribute to the growth of the Namibian SME sector and see to it that the mandate of the government to harness the resources the country has in a quest to fight the unemployment problem are met” he said. They have further plans to offer training workshops on business solutions for the youth in different towns across the country. The campaign called “Youth on a Mission” will offer skills to the youth in order for them to show case their dreams, Simba said.
With the mission of being a leading provider of professional business planning, business development, advertising and media production to businesses of all sizes, African Business Solutions also engages in development, growth and entrepreneurial initiatives. Services offered by the firm are independent from the client and provide a promotional outside point of view to promote and sell their clients’ products and services.

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