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Maintaining cordial relations with local Diplomatic Corps essential for international cooperation

Maintaining cordial relations with local Diplomatic Corps essential for international cooperation

“Colonialism represents one of the most serious violations of national sovereignty of states and is in breach of international law. Foreign occupation creates an environment in which the occupied people are exposed to a wide range of systemic and gross violations of human rights and freedoms, including dispossession, displacement and denial of their right to self-determination.”

Addressing a meeting of the members of the Namibian Diplomatic Corps in Windhoek on Tuesday, the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Hon Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah said Namibia will continue to contribute to the work of the UN Committee on the implementation of the Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples, and calls for the full implementation of all relevant UN resolutions on Western Sahara and Palestine.

“I wish to warmly welcome those Heads of Mission who joined our diplomatic family since our last coming together. Here in Namibia, you will find a government and people with open arms. You will also come to know that we have challenges, but those challenges can be turned into opportunities,” the minister said adding that the Diplomatic Corps is her unique constituency and that her ministry enjoyed excellent bilateral engagements with all missions accredited to Namibia during 2017.

“I wish to thank you for your outstanding cooperation during the year 2017 and look forward to work with you to further strengthen these relations,” she said.

Apologising for diplomatic staff who became victims of Windhoek rampant crime during the year, the Minister said “In accordance with the Vienna Convention, your safety and security is our responsibility. At this juncture, I regret and apologize to all those who were affected by crime one way or the other. We are in constant touch with the relevant sections of our police and are considering appropriate measures. However, we also request you to play your part by taking the necessary measure to secure your offices and residences.”

Regarding security of an international scope, the minister said “On the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and in connection with the recent negative reports about Namibia’s non-compliance with the relevant UN Security Council resolutions on North Korea, I wish to inform [you] that, in line with the statement issued last year by the Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation, the Government of Namibia has indeed complied with the Security Council resolutions. We have availed all the requested information. We have nothing to hide and we shall continue to cooperate if and when necessary.”

The Minister said according to her ministry’s knowledge there is no UN Security Council resolution that sanctions bilateral relations and cooperation with the North Korea.

“Namibia’s call for the reform of the United Nations Security Council, resonates our continent’s collective resolve to canvas support for the Common African Position, as espoused in the Ezulwini Consensus and the Sirte Declaration. Namibia maintains that the historic injustice that Africa continues to endure, further entrenching its endless polarization, must be corrected and, this can only be realized through the comprehensive reform of the UN Security Council,” the Minister stated.

“Namibia continues to attach great importance to the China-Africa Forum (FOCAC). It is important that we continue to strengthen the current platform for collective dialogue, consolidate Africa-China traditional friendship, deepen strategic collaboration and enhance the mechanism of practical cooperation between China and Africa. Namibia looks forward to participating at the 7th Ministerial Conference of FOCAC which will be held in the People’s Republic of China in 2018.”



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