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Jamie Smith Pursuing Greatness

Jamie Smith, a rising star in criminal investigation

Jamie Smith, a rising star in criminal investigation

Born and bred in Namibia, Jamie Smith is a leading force, in criminal investigation, setting an inspirational example for women everywhere to always excel in whatever field they choose, even in this male dominated world. She is the Director of Specialized Investigation Consultant Services (SICS) and currently studies part-time towards her Law Degree at the University of Namibia.
“I completed a 4 year BSc Degree in physiology, molecular biology and psychology at UNAM in 2004.
My parents started the company Specialized Investigation Consultant Services in 1999, and my father, Nico Smith, suggested that I venture into the field of polygraphy, seeing that this would tie in very well with my degree, and here I am, nine years later! I also completed various courses in forensic investigative interviewing, handwriting analysis, statement analysis and forged documents identification. My five-year plan is to complete my LLB, then to do an MBA and a CFE. I will then see what tickles my fancy to study next,” she stated.

She completed her training in 2005 and started to operate as a polygraphist.“It has been a roller-coaster ride, and it is a challenge each day to run with the wolves. But I am that kind of person that if thrown to the wolves, I will return as their leader.” SICS is a company in operation since 1999, specialising in forensic investigation, insurance assessment, polygraphs, pre-employment vetting, risk analysis and now the Wellness ACT-Line.
Starting and owning a business is a difficult journey, and as time goes by, it sometimes becomes more important for one to keep an eye out for every minute detail and change that is taking place in and around us. Some changes are beneficial, and others might be more deleterious. If a company experiences any problems with regard to security, stock losses, decreases in profits, or if it has staff problems or operations difficulties, the SICS team will check and analyse your policies and procedures, scrutinise and update your employment contracts, verify that all the information and filing of employees is on par with legislation and create the necessary employee records if needed, with an evaluation of your code of conduct and the relevant job descriptions.
An evaluation and analysis of security aspects, which includes the systems in operation, the programmes used for bookkeeping, orders and expenses, provide guidelines on what profits, losses and expense margins ought to be, are included. Changes that will assist in cutting costs, decreasing theft and fraud or the possibility of it, to analyse the competencies and compatibility of your employees, advice on who will benefit from training, indications as to what training is required within the company for the following year, the provision of suitable training facilitators in accordance with the relevant legislation, and advice and assistance with the VET Levy Act are all part of the programme.
“Once this analysis is completed, we recommend a plan of action for the company, and if needed, we assist in the implementation of diminishing risks while capitalising on returns. We ensure that personnel is expertly trained in their respective fields, and when we notice that the issue at hand is not our forte, we recommend the very best company in the industry to you.”
The company has an extensive client base, with an office in Walvis Bay and representatives in Oranjemund, Ludertiz, Rundu, and Oshakati.
“I am very excited to announce that since March 2014 we have extended our Tip-Off Line to become a Wellness Line. If employees have personal problems of any kind, they can contact this line, and we will place them in touch with the correct professionals to assist them without taking advantage of their inexperience in this matter. An employee’s well-being is a necessity to a company, because their ability to do their job depends on their psyche, the benchmark being prevention rather than curing. Each company has to review its systems, contracts, policies and procedures at least once every two years. Be astute, connect with us!” she concludes.

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