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Use the tariff calculator to make sure telephone bills are accurate

Use the tariff calculator to make sure telephone bills are accurate

Members of the public who are discontent with their mobile charges no longer need to fight with MTC or TN Mobile over rates and billing. They can simply go to a new web-based tariff calculator, enter the required detail, and find the sum of what their billing should be.

The Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia, CRAN, this week announced the launch of an integrated database for telecommunication service providers to simplify tariff approval and adjustment. However, at the same time, the authority also announced that this database includes a tariff calculator for consumers.

The database and the tariff calculator are a project of the authority’s Economic Sector Research Department headed by Mrs Helene Vosloo.

CRAN’s new integrated database is accessed through a web portal allowing service providers the flexibility to submit tariffs for approval and amendment online to simplify the submission process. Service providers can now submit all CRAN data requirements online.

The communications regulatory authority said that the database makes information and communication technology (ICT) data easily accessible and automates the compilation of ICT statistics. “These statistics are automatically updated when an operator submits new information.”

The tariff calculator allows users to specify their personal average usage per month measured in voice minutes, SMS and data both for prepaid and post-paid packages. “The calculator displays the cost for all the products available in the market and helps the consumers to make an informed decision when selecting a package and a telecommunications service provider” stated the authority adding that a similar calculator for broadband cost comparison has also been added.

Chief Executive of the communications regulator, Mr Festus Mbandeka commented “The world is moving to digital transformation therefore, CRAN believes that by having a computerised and centralised database, operators can submit their bi-annual data much faster and accurately. Equally, the database provides operators with a notification informing them of outstanding information.”

Through the database portal, operators can apply for amendments of tariffs of existing products as well as for the approval of tariffs for new products.

Furthermore the regulator stated that the database supports the approval process through statistics and benchmarks, while at the same time it functions as a repository of all products and product changes.

The database is so versatile that operators can even submit their annual financial statements via the portal to the authority.

The regulator assured users that the database is structured with multi-layered security and access protocols to ensure that the data is secure and that confidentiality can be guaranteed.

CRAN advised the public that the tariff calculator is available at or via

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