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It’s nice to work for Agra, farmers bring gifts all the time

It’s nice to work for Agra, farmers bring gifts all the time

This week agribusiness Agra celebrated its latest achievement, being named among the top three Employer of Choice positions in the Deloitte Best Company To Work For survey.

Agra Ltd was awarded 3rd place in the Large Company category for companies with more than 500 employees. Agra was rubbing shoulders with other major Namibian companies like smelter operator, Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb, and diversified financial services group, Trustco.

Agra was also awarded the Gold Seal of Achievement, based on best company score. The seal is a demonstration of the attractiveness of the organisation and commitment to its people, enabling the organisation to market itself as an employer of choice.

Deloitte’s Best Company to Work For annual survey gauges employee experience in the workplace. The 2017 survey incorporates smart analytics coupled with best practice research methodologies to deliver a diagnostic tool for organisations to measure year on year attributes which influence employee engagement and attraction to an organisation.

This year the survey looked at four dimensions; Accomplishment & Growth, Fairness & Integrity, Values & Culture and Care & Feedback.

Agra’s Human Resources General Manager, Griffort Beukes, noted that the survey’s dimensions and objectives reverberates with Agra’s mission, vision and core values.

“For Agra, the survey results are essential for adapting organisational designs, shaping engagement strategies, managing leadership standards and ensuring retained expertise through talent management”, he said adding that the survey helps Agra’s management to understand their employees perceptions about their employer. “[This] helps us to build and maintain a highly productive workforce,” he said.

Captured when Agra’s management received their Best Company to Work For award, from the left, General Manager Human Resources, Griffort Beukes, HR Recruitment and Training Officer, Nancy Kahuikee, and Chief Executive, Arnold Klein.



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