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100% Organic solution boosts animal and plant immune system

Abisai Nangolo and Peter Henderson with a sample of the organic solutions (Photograph by Hilma Hashange)

Abisai Nangolo and Peter Henderson with a sample of the organic solutions (Photograph by Hilma Hashange)

After almost 3 years of conducting studies on organic solutions and the use of effective microorganism, local company, Gen Tech finally became operational in June 2012. The company uses effective microorganism in organic solutions for animal and fish feed, plant growth, sewage treatment as well as the elimination of bad odours.
Gen Tech is the sole agent for the supply of effective microorganisms in Namibia and Angola. The effective microorganism enhances the natural way of growth in plants and animals and also boosts the immune systems of both plants and animals. The immune system becomes more resistant and repellent against insects, thus increasing productivity and eventually better profit especially for farmers.
Although the company is based in Windhoek, it also has a branch in Rundu and provides services and distribution through out the country. Bacteria and yeast is activated in the Activation Tank to make effective microorganisms used in the organic solution. The company also offers to set up the activation system for clients.
“The solution is diluted with water and then given to the animals to drink or used as organic fertilizer for plants,” said Abisai Nangolo, one of the directors of Gen Tech. According to Nangolo, the use of additives is cut by 30% when an effective microorganism is used.
The production of effective microorganisms first originated in Japan. However, the science and use of effective microorganisms has since spread to over 120 countries worldwide. Gen Tech gets its supplies from South African based company Extra Dimension which has been supplying organic solutions to different countries in Africa. According to Extra Dimensions founder, Peter Henderson, the company has an organic and agricultural registration number and gets its organic supply straight from Japan.
Henderson stated that plans are underway to set up a new centre in Namibia through Extra Dimensions in 2013. “The centre will provide the country with raw materials for activation as opposed to getting the raw materials from South Africa,” he said. Although the solution is found to boosts immune system of animals, Henderson says that it is quite safe for human consumption. “It is drinkable although it is not yet approved for human use. It helps fight off the flu, lowers blood pressure and sugar levels and is also used as medicine to treat cuts and burns,” Henderson explained while taking a sip of the solution. The solution is however not recommended for drinking when it is undiluted.

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