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Early childhood development gets boost from Gondwana

Early childhood development gets boost from Gondwana

Children close to the Hakusembe River Lodge will now have a place to interact and grow as part of their early childhood educational needs following the official opening of the new Paukeni Kindergarten.

The kindergarten was recently reconstructed through the Hakusembe Community Development Fund, which will be administered by the newly established Gondwana Care Trust.

The new building of the kindergarten was officially opened by the Headman of the Sikondo village, Alfons Kavera.

A jungle gym was also constructed for the kids inside the fenced school yard, as the previous kindergarten building was badly damaged during the last rainy season.

At the event the Headman also inaugurated the new borehole hand pump, which was drilled and installed in the centre of the village to provide clean water to the communities as well as the new fence around the Ru-Rumwe Primary School to improve the security at the school grounds, two more projects by the Hakusembe Community Development Fund.

Meanwhile, when Gondwana took over the Hakusembe River Lodge in 2012 the lodge group established the Hakusembe Community Development Fund to share the benefits of tourism with the local community.

A portion of each guest fee goes into a fund, which is used to support projects in the vicinity of the lodge particularly focusing on education and youth development, access to potable water and sanitation facilities, and a clean and healthy environment.

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