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Let the organic expert show you how to start your own veggie garden, even in a small urban yard

Let the organic expert show you how to start your own veggie garden, even in a small urban yard

Manjo Krige, well-known promoter of healthy living and wholesome food, will present the first 2019 beginner’s course on growing organic vegetables, this coming coming Saturday, 12 January.

Krige is the recognised local authority on organic food production with more than 13 years’ experience of the trade.

To book a place, send an email to [email protected]. The course fee is N$550 per person and will be held at Farm Krumhuk, 25km south of Windhoek on the B1, starting at 7:30 for 8:00 and ending at 13:00.

Krige will teach participants how to plan their vegetable garden, to make their own compost, to build an earthworm farm, to prepare the soil for planting, to make seedlings and how to nurse them, to manage their garden to minimize water requirements and to manage pests and diseases.

The organic expert has put together a course that will combine theory and hands-on practice, therefore she advises participants to wear old clothes and be prepared to get dirty. “Remember to bring a hat, a water bottle, a notebook, a pen or pencil, a snack and an umbrella if it looks like it will rain” she advised.

Krige is a specialist in establishing organic vegetable gardens in an urban environment, on farms, lodges and with communities. She is also the co-founder, current Vice Chairperson and former Chairperson of the Namibia Organic Association. She also serves as the coordinator for the Namibian Horticulture Producer’s Association and her courses have started many people on the path to their own organic vegetable gardens.

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