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Student fund assistance made my PhD dream possible – Amesho

Student fund assistance made my PhD dream possible – Amesho

The Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund (NSFAF) not only provides funding for scholarships and bursaries but also provides funds for those on PhD level, as is the case of Kassian Amesho.

The 34 year old Amesho in a recent interview said that it was always his dream to take his studies to PhD level. Currently he is a NSFAF beneficiary based in Taiwan, pursuing his PhD at the Institute of Environmental Engineering, National Sun Yat-sen University.

A PhD is all what I wanted to achieve in my academic career and I am about to attain that dream. It is a PhD that would allow me to become a professor and a noble research scholar. This has been my goal. The NSFAF has amazingly helped me to reach my dream and goals,” Amesho said.

Amesho has undergone his studies in both Namibia and abroad. He started a three-year National Diploma in National Resources Management at the Namibia University of Science and Technology and after completion of his first undergraduate qualification, he decided to enroll for a BSc. Honours degree in Environmental Health Sciences at the same institution.

Environmental Sciences is something that I wanted to do since I graduated from high school but unfortunately the programme was not offered in Namibia. So, NUST introduced the programme of Environmental Health Sciences towards the end of 2007 for the academic year of 2008. We were the first graduates of Environmental Health Sciences in Namibia.”

Amesho also read an MBA Degree with the Regent Business School of South Africa. In August 2013, he got a full scholarship from the Indian Government through the Indian High Commission in Namibia and went to the North-Eastern Hill University in the north-eastern parts of India, where he completed a two-year Master of Science (MSc) degree in Environmental Science.

Amesho, is very grateful for the funding he has received from the NSFAF adding that it started with his first undergraduate qualification which is a three-year National Diploma in Natural Resources Management at NUST, the then Polytechnic of Namibia.

I was also very fortunate to be awarded a scholarship by the Namibian Government Scholarship Training Programme (NGSTP) which was still under NSFAF, and I used this to complete my MBA with Regent Business School. It then came to this point again that NSFAF is still assisting me with my ongoing PhD study in Taiwan and I am very much grateful for this,” he added.

“I am hoping to complete it in the very near future and come back home to Namibia. My professor is a Green/Renewable Energy expert and our laboratory is a Green/Renewable Energy and Pollutants Control Lab. I am entirely involved in research work on a daily basis,” Amesho said.

Amesho urged students who want to pursue their careers to stay focused and determined. “I also advise that they should seek support from the NSFAF whenever necessary, so that they would be able move forward with their studies.”

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