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Improve your game from your inbox – Breaking out of a performance slump

Improve your game from your inbox – Breaking out of a performance slump

The Psychology of Golf by Coen Welsh

Six top ten finishes in a year which still has five months left does not sound bad, but in the case of Rory McIlroy that constitutes a performance slump. McIlroy has won at least one PGA Tour tournament in every season he has played in since 2009.

New equipment, new caddy and recovering from some injuries you could say that Rory has all the excuses in the world to justify his current form, however the 4-time major winner’s mind is in exactly the right place if you are going through a performance slump.

He told the “I thought I saw some improvements in my game from when I got here on Wednesday,” he said. “Thought my wedge play got a little bit better as the week went on. Putted pretty well, even when I missed putts out there, they were scaring the hole, so that was good. Drove the ball well.”

This weekend sees him teeing up at Quail Hollow for the PGA Championship and many punters are putting their money on him to break his 2017 duck.

Tip of the week: Beating a performance slump offers the following advice for anyone in a performance slump.

You need to relax. If you stay calm the results will improve. Then you need to trust your abilities and training. If you have put in the right amount of training and effort you should start to see results.

I have mentioned the power of words in previous articles. So you have to stop telling yourself you are in a slump. All it takes is a few putts to fall and a few bounces to go your way.

Lastly what we can learn from Rory’s quote. You should give yourself credit for the things you are doing well. Once you can do that it should start getting better.

Quote of the week

“Y’all mind if I come?” – Michael Jordan tagging along with Davis Love III when he started playing golf.

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