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Coke broadens music show to include more African countries

Coke broadens music show to include more African countries

With the merger of Coke Studio Africa and Coke Studio South African in to one bigger Coke Studio Africa 2017, which will increase the number of participating countries from 16 up from 11 in previous editions.

The year’s production will also include local artist Freeda.

Monali Shah, Senior Content Excellence Manager for Coca-Cola Southern and East African Business Unit and Coke Studio Africa Project Director said Coke Studio Africa showcases Africa’s incredible music by combining different artist and genres to inspire a new generation of African music fans.

With the expand show, we aim to bring the continent alive through a fusion of music and culture that celebrates our diversity,” she added.

She said music is the heartbeat and the soul of many diverse communities throughout Africa, from Bongo, to Kwaito, to Lingala and other genres across Africa, Coke Studio Africa is helping introduce these different musical styles to new communities for the first time, while maintaining a long tradition of Coca-Cola’s use of music to build its brands.

Cokes Studio Africa 2017 is expected to air in Southern African markets from September onwards and will be broadcast in Namibia for an hour on One Africa TV every Saturday from 18:00 for eleven weeks.

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