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Bank offers a stepping stone to advance in the industry

Bank offers a stepping stone to advance in the industry

Having worked for a different bank for four years with no career advancements, Inokee Joseph made a bold moved recently and joined the blue family, which welcomed him with open arms.

The new addition to Standard Bank’s fold is a Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) graduate, who has a Diploma in Accounting and Finance and is now employed as a bank teller in Rundu.

“I worked at another bank for 4 years with no career advancements. I then decided I wanted to work for a company that would appreciate my talents and allow me to advance professionally so I decided to move to Standard Bank,” a visibly elated Joseph said.

Describing himself as hard-working, diligent and passionate about his work, Joseph said he was pleased with his new team as they embody the same work ethic he does, create a seamless and pleasant work environment.

“Standard Bank not only cares about your wellbeing, but also encourages one to advance their career within in the organisation, this is a rare and valuable trait which is why I am very happy to be part of the Blue Bank,” he explained.

Reiterating his gratitude for the opportunity give to him by Standard Bank to join the family and grow his career. He stressed that he was going to see it through in terms of commitment to the Blue Bank and aid in elevating the brand.

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