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Hundreds of contractors, big and small, listed in new industry directory

Hundreds of contractors, big and small, listed in new industry directory

The Construction Industries Federation (CIF) this week released its latest annual directory which provides an extensive overview of all its 373 members and of capacity in the construction sector.

The directory features a spectrum of contractors, from small contractors with annual turnover of N$1 million to medium-size companies to very large contractors turning N$200 million or more.

The online version provides a searchable digital database to help buyers of construction and building services to find the most appropriate supplier at the click of a mouse. The directory is available at

“The construction industry is ready for action” said CIF consulting General Manager, Bärbel Kirchner, adding that the members of the Construction Industries Federation, truly have the capacity to handle almost all sizes of projects, ranging from residential building work to large scale civil infrastructure projects, valued at over N$500 million. Depending on the size of a tender, Namibian companies can also join forces to handle even larger projects.

“The directory is hot-off-the-press and we are very excited about this new edition. We have produced a mammoth publication with excellent information. By the time of going to print, a total of 373 paid-up CIF member companies were listed in our directory” she added.

“Our industry has come of age with extensive capacity. Even during difficult economic times, the industry remains true to its tough, tenacious and forward-thinking spirit. The Namibian construction industry is able and ready for action.”

Navigating the directory is made easy by presenting all the members in categories based on their annual turnover. This provides a guideline in terms of their capacity of handling respective projects.

Kirchner said the 2017/2018 edition is the result of formidable team effort. “It required persistent focus to ensure that the content is accurate and the tenacity to solicit advertising support of 52 companies. With their exceptional support, it was possible to finance the new edition.”

“A publication such as the CIF Annual Directory is very valuable. The directory is the ultimate source of information on Namibia’s construction industry. Everyone involved with procurement should want to have a copy. It is of great use to buyers of building and construction services, principal agents, and ultimately, decision-makers involved with the awarding of tenders. The Namibian construction industry’s wide range of expertise is showcased in one user-friendly directory” she advised.

The print of 5000 copies will be distributed to decision-makers at all levels of government and to consultants in the industry like engineers, architects and quantity surveyors.



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