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Local products promotor’s logo rises from effigy to trade mark

Local products promotor’s logo rises from effigy to trade mark

The organisation responsible for promoting Namibian products on local shelves, Team Namibia, this week announced it has formally registered its highly visible logo as a trade mark.

This status provides legal protection to both the image and the members. “With the registration of Team Namibia’s logo as a trade mark, members who are actively registered with the member-based marketing organisation, have the exclusive right to use the Team Namibia logo when advertising or promoting their products or services” the Team said in a statement announcing the registration.

The Team Namibia logo is registered at the Business and Intelectual Property Authority in the Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development, under the Trade Marks Act, No. 48 of 1973. Derivates based on the same core design have been registered for products, members and supporters.

From a legal perspective, the registration of the logo as a trade mark allows Team Namibia to take legal action against any organisation that uses the logo, who is not a registered member of Team Namibia.

Pieter Greeff, chairman of the Team Namibia Board stated “In fact, every business that is contributing to the Namibian economy should join Team Namibia. In all sectors of our economy, there appear to be imports of not only products but also services. Therefore, Team Namibia wants to expand its reach and engage all industries.”

“The trademarked Team Namibia logo can evolve into an exceptionally valuable asset for Namibian businesses. The more enterprises that will join the Team Namibia marketing organisation, the more widespread the use of the trademarked logo will become. Extensive, yet restricted usage of the logo, means simply greater exposure for Namibian products and services” he continued.

“If all Namibian businesses were to pool some of their marketing resources and become members of Team Namibia, domestic markets can be reached collaboratively, which will then eventually lead to enough capacity to penetrate and supply markets, regionally and internationally” he concluded.

Team Namibia is mandated to promote the consumption of locally produced goods and services. “Buying local” is in the interest of maintaining and developing local capacities in all sectors of the economy and will support Namibia’s efforts of achieving sustainable economic growth.



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