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Book launch to zoom in on democracy and education

Book launch to zoom in on democracy and education

A book titled, Democracy and Education in Namibia and Beyond: A Critical Appraisal edited by Associate Professor Elizabeth Magano Amukugo will be launched on Thursday at the University of Namibia at 17:30.

After the launch a panel discussion on democracy and education in Namibia with the editor and contributors to the book will be held, which will be chaired by Professor Kingo Mchombu.

The book links the three concepts of justice, democracy and education within the the Southern African context in general and Namibia in particular. This book is intended to be a primary text for courses in education, politics and sociology. It will benefit teachers, school principals, researchers, post-graduates and undergraduates.

The authors in the collection have drawn material from their own teaching and research experience across the fields of education and social science. At a time when education is in crisis, especially in South Africa where strident calls for free tertiary education and Africanisation of the curriculum are spreading like wildfire, this book gives scholarly insight into the history and social conditions that gave rise to the current predicament.

The guest speaker for the night will be Dr Itah Kandjii-Murangi, Minster of Higher Education, Training and Innovation.

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