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Libraries get indigenous language posters

Libraries get indigenous language posters

Anpris Trading donated posters worth a total retail value of N$85000 to the Schools Library Service. The service will supply about 1 700 school libraries with an English poster and a poster in the main home language to be used in the school.

UNESCO also provided N$5 000 as a support grant toward making the sponsorship happen.

The sponsorship arises from 4 years of research and development into the working of the national policy on home language which calls for all children to be taught in their home language for at least the first 3 years of schooling.

The research showed that the policy is very important towards successful eduction but is not backed up with sufficient learning support materials.

Working with teachers in Windhoek and Omaheke to explore what could be done to address this gap lead Anpris Trading Enterprises to develop ways of making posters in all home languages available to schools anywhere in the country. By the end of 2016 Anpris had been able to supply over 7 000 posters to schools from Grunau to Gam and from Aranos to Khorixas

Ehrens Mbamanovandu, National Programme Officer for Education at UNESCO and Andrew Harris, Managing Partner of Anpris Trading Enterprises handed over the home language posters to E Manga, Director of the Education Library Service, to be sent to School Libraries of all Primary and Combined Schools in the country.

This sponsorship through the Education Library Service is to ensure that every primary and combined school in the country knows about these new resources.

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