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DHPS learner represents Namibia at NASA’s Global Space School

DHPS learner represents Namibia at NASA’s Global Space School

A grade 12 learner at Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek, Silke Redecker has her head above the clouds – literally! She was chosen to participate in the Global Space School, a two-week course run by the US Government’s National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for young people from across the world, with a keen interest in outer space.

This course is usually presented at the NASA Johnson Space Centre in Houston, Texas. But actual attendance in person was not possible this year, so it was conducted online. Silke had to attend virtual meetings every day, watch live streamings on youtube, and take part in a virtual presentation. On top of this time consuming activity, she also had to do her Abitur examinations.

“It was a very long process up to those two weeks, for which I had to give up a lot, but I learned just as much. It took a lot of hard work and self-discipline. But it was worth it,” said Silke.

This NASA-funded project is organised and coordinated by the Foundation for International Space Education (FISE) to develop and arouse the young generation’s interest in outer space. So far more than 800 young people from 25 countries have attended the programme of which attendance is by invitation only. Only learners from age 16 to 18 are invited.

„For me, it was definitely worthwhile to participate in this programme – even during my Abitur exams. I learned an incredible amount, not only about the space industry, but also about other people and cultures. I found out that you can also be a team player through Zoom and that you can really connect with people in this way. I am also sure that I would like to work in the space industry one day,” said Silke.


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