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Maximise the power of your people – Deloitte best employer survey in full swing

Maximise the power of your people – Deloitte best employer survey in full swing

When Deloitte launched its new Best Company to Work for Survey a month ago, it said for this year, the survey format has been re-imagined and completely redesigned so that the result can be used to help participating companies improve their organisational efficiency. The annual employment satisfaction survey has been conducted in Namibia since 2011. The survey’s first cycle is expected to be completed by the end of August.

“The survey has evolved over time in line with client needs and global trends,” said Leslie Yuill, Actuarial, Reward and Advanced Analytics leader within Deloitte Human Capital. Presenting the restructured survey to the business community, he said it has become a tool to guide participating companies in the reshaping of their staff engagement strategies.

“The survey is for all organisations who value the importance of retaining and getting the best from their people,” according to Yuill. The rejuvenation of the survey is reflected in this year’s theme: “Maximising the power of your people”.

“By using this survey, organisations will have the ability to develop and initiate more effective human capital strategies to thrive in an environment where rapid change is the only constant,” Yuill said.

He explained that the survey now includes smart analytics coupled with best practice research methodologies and allows organisations access to the Deloitte Portal for ongoing and dynamic reporting.

One of the most significant shifts in the survey methodology is the measurement of both company attraction and employee engagement. The attraction index measures the overall attraction of the organisation among its employees. It is an expression of the employees’ alignment with their organisation and a reflection of the organisation’s internal brand which supports employee retention.

Overall the survey covers four main dimensions through which organisational attractiveness can be assessed and managed: These dimensions rest on the pillars of Accomplishment and Growth; Care and Feedback; Culture and Values; and Fairness and Integrity.

The engagement index which measures the overall state of engagement reflects employees’ particular state of mind which maximises their input and associated discretionary effort.

Other changes in the survey include a shift from a static satisfaction survey with delayed feedback and action cycles to a flexible and dynamic survey that delivers comprehensive insight reports that can be run at any time to facilitate immediate action. The survey now also includes 100% employee representation as opposed to the selective sample of previous surveys.

As a result your organisation can strategically and proactively manage its competitive advantage and systematically measure its return on investment,” Yuill said adding that the Deloitte Portal allows ongoing access to analyse and “slice and dice” data by key demographics, enabling an organisation to leverage its success areas, prioritise its focus areas, understand the employee state of mind as well as the mix in their teams.

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