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Infant e-birth identification launch nears

Infant e-birth identification launch nears

The Hon. Minister of Home Affairs & Immigration, Hon. Pendukeni Iivula Ithana said that the new e-birth identification system for Namibia will be launched next week.

Speaking a day before the 3rd ID4Africa Government Forum on Electronic Identity in Africa at the Safari Court Hotel in Windhoek from 26-27 April 2017. Iivula Ithana said that the home grown solution will also be launched at the ID4 Africa meet-up where over a 100 international companies will exhibit and demonstrate their latest innovations in identity technologies and solutions, all adapted for Africa.

ID4Afrika will also launch a full day symposium that runs in parallel to its main session. The so-called ‘DocSec Symposium” is focused on identity document security. It provides attendees with hands-on knowledge on how to produce fraud resistant credentials and on how to detect and combat ID fraud across all sectors.

Executive Chairman for ID4Africa, Dr. Joseph Atick also speaking the day before the conference said that the 3rd Annual Meeting of the ID4Africa Movement themed “pathways to Digital Identity ,” recognises that there is no unique way to arrive at an ultimate digital identity solution.

Vice President, Dr. Nikcey Iyambo will open the event. Held in yearly in different African countries. The inaugural Conference was held in Tanzania in 2015, an event that Ithana said was a milestone, adding that Namibia was chosen as the host due to its exceptional achievement in terms of Civil Registration and Identity Management.

“Namibia has improved its civil registration system partly through digitalization of all historical records and processes during the past 8 years.” Ithana said, adding that among the few African countries with an integrated Civil Registration and ID management system, Namibia’s birth and death registration rates are close to perfect.

The priorities for this conference include application of identification systems to reinforce democracy, support healthcare, build inclusive financial platforms and institutions while reinforcing civil registration and e-government initiatives that uphold democracy and combat identity fraud and enhance security.

The conference will explore a range of options available depending on what identity assets and capacity a country may have that can leverage existing technologies. The collective agenda, Dr. Atick said, emphasises that identity management stakeholders in 43 African countries and among the ranks of ambassadors for ID4Afrika have tripled year by year.

Representatives from leading international organisations such as the World Bank, ECOWAs, African Development Bank among others will address the importance of identity schemes for the free movement of people and economic exchange.

After Namibia, the host country for the next symposium will be announced on Friday, April 28, when the symposium draws to a close.

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