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An internship at Kraatz Marine lasts a life time

An internship at Kraatz Marine lasts a life time

Kraatz Marine’s General Manager, Kobie Potgieter and the company’s Human Capital Manager, Roberto January (front left and right) welcomed another intake of students from the Namibia Institute of Mining and Technology for an extended 6-month internship.

The nine students are deployed in the workshops of Kraatz Marine to hone their skills in boiler-making & welding, and as fitters and turners.

The company’s Human Capital Manager Roberto January said the Kraatz internship programme plays a critical part to equip apprentices with the necessary skills and experience required for the labour market.

“It forms part of our contribution to bring to life the O&L Group purpose Creating a Future, Enhancing Life. The programme enables students to do their job attachments to gain practical experience in preparation for the job market. The students receive on the job training and mentoring from master craftsmen with years of experience in the industrial, marine and offshore industries” he added.

Kraatz Marine is a subsidiary of the Ohlthaver & List Group.

The Kraatz internship programme accepts apprentices from first to third levels. The level 3 students stay with the company for a total of 12 months, which is required by the mining and technology institute to qualify or trade as level 4. Students are rotated every three month between Marine & Offshore and the land-based workshop to gain as much exposure and training as is possible in the relatively short internship period. Since the programme was launched six years ago, 69 apprentices have completed their internships at Kraatz Marine.

O&L Group Director: Human Capital, Berthold Mukuahima said “All our development programmes within the O&L Group whether for employees or those available to the public at large, are testimony of O&L’s commitment to build a competitive Namibia.”

Several other O&L subsidiaries have agreements in place with the University of Namibia and the Namibia University of Science and Technology to accommodate a set number of interns every year.

“We are keen on developing young Namibians and afford them the opportunity to gain practical experience to better prepare them for the job market and at the same time contribute to our country’s development” said Mukuahima.

The new Kraatz Marine interns are Medusalem Onesmus, Pandeni Hango, Simon Muunda, Seveleni Haihambo, Lifavali Haimbodi, Levi Hamunyela; Edward Mpugulu; Blasius Amesho and Nestor Agapitus.

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