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Clarion call to 50+ age bracket. Take hold of your life now!

Clarion call to 50+ age bracket. Take hold of your life now!

This Friday and Saturday, the Twapewa Kadhikwa Entrepreneurship programme will have its first intake of business people aged 50+ following the very successful launch of the TK Life Entrepreneurship seminars last week.

Popular entrepreneur and role model, Twapewa Kadhikwa (middle) launched the entrepreneurship programme at one of Katutura’s favourite establishments, the Xwama Traditional Restaurant. This venture was Twapewa’s first, anchoring the business empire she and her husband have established in a relatively short time.

Joining the matron at the Twapewa Kadhikwa Entrepreneurship Development Programme launch are Ms Hermien Elago (left) a wellness expert and Ms. Daisry Mattias (right), the Youth Advisor for the President.

Describing herself as an Entrepreneurship Activator, Twapewa said her development programme, TK LIFE Entrepreneurship seminars for short, is designed for aspiring and growth-seeking entrepreneurs who would like to learn and develop their lives and entrepreneurial skills to take themselves and their businesses to greater heights.

The programme is designed “to improve the performance, coping, management and excellence capacity of entrepreneurs.” Topics include Leadership, Life Skills, Inspiration, Innovation, Finance, Fitness, Entrepreneurship and Excellence.

During the course of the first two-day seminar, contributions and presentations came from Mr Sacki Nikodemus, a leadership coach and motivational speaker, Ms Yvonne Amukwaya, the special assistant to Dr John Steytler who in turn is an Economic Advisor to the President, Councillor Difa Fanuel, Mr Erastus Neputam, an established businessman, Ms Ileni Gebhardt, a lawyer, Mr Nelson Haihambo, another businessman, Ms Zenzi Awases, an innovation coach, Mr Reinhold Shivute, a financial management expert, Ms Hermien Elago, a wellness expert, Ms Daisry Mattias, the President’s Youth Advisor, Mr Nkem, another life coach, Ms Tonata Emvula, a former ambassador and nowadays a John Maxwell accredited coach, and finally Twapewa herself, the self-styled Entrepreneurship Activator.

For the upcoming 50+ seminar on Friday and Saturday, Twapewa encourages participants to invite their friends, parents and family members to register especially those who are involved in or running family businesses. “We need entrepreneurs in this country, and so much more now. Age should not limit you from living your desired lifestyle. In a time such as this, with an increasing unemployment rate, ‘economic recession’ and all other threats to our livelihood, we can not afford to have people become entrepreneurs by chance. It must be by design” she stated solemnly.

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