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Deepsea dives deep for ePap sustenance

Deepsea dives deep for ePap sustenance

Mr Jacobus Ramoswaane (left), the chairman of Deepsea Consolidated Investment CC and Mr. Elton Vries, a Deepsea director with the Minister of Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare, Hon Dr Zephania Kameeta (centre) and the Permanent Secretary Mr.I-Ben Nashandi celebrating the fishing company’s entry to the Corporate Social Investment sphere.


“Deepsea Consolidated Investments makes this donation of two metric tons of ePaP valued at approximately N$60,000 to the Ministry of Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare to address ‘hidden hunger’ and restore our people’s optimum micronutrient status in a cost effective way” said Mr Elton Vries at a ceremony in Walvis Bay a fortnight ago when the newcomer fishing company announced its first major contribution to social welfare.

The donation was received by the Minister of Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare, Hon Dr Zephania Kameeta and his Permanent Secretary, Mr I-Ben Nashandi.

The ePaP supplement is as a pre-cooked, dry instant cereal made from wholegrain maize and soy bean with 29 added nutrients in bio available form, easily absorbed by the human body. It contains zero synthetic sweeteners, artificial colorants or preservatives,

“The required daily intake of ePaP will improve the people’s energy and further support their immune system” according to Vries.

“It helps return the body to a state of nutrient repleteness – the basic requirement for healthy body processes. e’PaP thus provides a proven, effective and inexpensive solution to hidden hunger as experienced by thousands of people from very poor communities and vulnerable populations across Africa, from children to elderly, convalescents, workers, patients and even sportspeople” he stated.

“lt is our view that through our breakthrough technology, we overcome the technical challenges raised in the manufacture of such a dense food matrix and achieve our formulation objective: to supply a product that effectively addresses micronutrient deficiencies. Ongoing product evaluation and sophisticated quality assurance programmes are in place to ensure ePaP maintains the highest quality standards at all time.”

Because of its concentrated formuila, the 2000 kg ePaP donated to the ministry represents forty thousand meal portions of fifty grams each which is the required intake for a person per day. Each 12.5kg bag provides the average family with 250 portions.

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