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SABMiller lures young entrepreneurs

SABMiller lures young entrepreneurs

SABMiller Namibia is promising young entrepreneurs a shot at their dreams with the chance to share in a pot of N$1 million as part of SABMiller’s Kickstart competition.
Speaking to SABMiller Namibia’s Corporate Affairs Manager, Majai-Lisa Prozinsky, the Kickstart competition is aimed at the youth by inculcating entrepreneurship ideals and values which she said will not only start or end with the awarding of the shared funding but provide intense training to the participants.
Prozinsky said SABMiller believes that a large part of the African youth have the ability to create employment and hope for other youth who are not employed or without an income.
The winners of the Kickstart competition will receive mentorship from captains of industry such as Agriculture entrepreneur and Architect Mieke Droomer, world renowned eye surgeon Dr. Helena Ndume amongst others.
Prizonsky believes that the start-up competition is an affirmation that SABMiller is truly part of the community by investing and backing small businesses as they are integral to the national economy.
“As a result we believe that they have the right attributes that warrant investing in them. Whereas other industries possibly see them as risk, we think they offer the best investment of our money because they are not afraid to try new things, Even if some of these business concepts may face challenges and potentially fail for whatever reason we believe it would be an investment worth making,” she said.
The competition is open to all youth from the ages of 18 to 35 through online submission on the
The Kickstart competition is not a venture capitalist fund as SABMiller will not want to see return on investment in the form of profit sharing but rather focus on the return on investment by aiding the training and development of many of the participants who may not be at the stage of being an SME yet.

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