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Health is Vital

Offering a helping hand

As part of a private initiative to help government tackle HIV/AIDS, as well as making private medical aid more accessible and affordable to people with lower incomes, Prosperity Health Administrators formed joint ventures with Renaissance Medical Aid Fund to form the Health is Vital Equalisation Fund.
Health is Vital, which operates as a risk equalisation fund ensures that employer groups (through their medical aid schemes or insurance) and uninsured employer groups (on behalf of the individuals in their employment) can participate in sharing the financial risk of HIV/AIDS and other specific chronic illness conditions by contributing monthly payments for each employee to a risk pool that has an essential set of HIV/AIDS treatment benefits attached to it called Vitality.
In addition to the HIV/AIDS Vitality benefits, the Health is Vital Fund also offers two options for day care: the Vitality DayCare product, and the Vitality NetCare optional product.
The Vitality DayCare option provides an overall annual benefit which includes visits to a general practitioner, medicine and injections, primary health care services, optical and ambulance services while the Vitality NetCare option provides unlimited day care benefits at a specific network of service providers as well as unlimited hospitalisation benefits in the private wings of the state hospitals.

Officially inaugurated in September 2006, the Fund has reached out to employee’s from all corners of the country as products have been designed to specifically cater for local employees who are uninsured for private health care.
Health is Vital which has entered an agreement with a Dutch non-profit organisation to subsidise the Vitality DayCare and NetCare products with the aim of making access to care and HIV/AIDS treatment more available to the uninsured therefore ensuring that lower income employees also have access to the basic private health care benefits.


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