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26 more permanent workers to be employed by NovaNam

26 more permanent workers to be employed by NovaNam

13 December 2016 – NovaNam Ltd, a major white fish company, announced today from its Walvis Bay office, it has reached a three-year agreement with the Namibian Seamen and Allied Workers Union (NASAWU). The substantive Conditions of Employment agreement provides for yearly increments of between 8.6% and 7.3% for the period 2016 to 2019.

The industry received a major boost of confidence when NovaNam also announced it will employ 26 people more as permanent employees.

The new agreement covers the period from 2016 until 2019, succeeding the historical long-term agreement in place for the past 3 years.

In a statement read at the announcement, NovaNam said it “objectively views the deal as very favourable for its people, not only in terms of its particulars in each Condition of Employment, but also because it provides certainty, clarity and commitment for these next years. This is both economically and socially important in view of the harmonious relationships that need to prevail in the workplace to ensure achieving and maintaining high performance levels, thereby meeting our responsibilities and obligations with our stakeholders.”

Summarising the agreement, NovaNam stated that there will be an 8.6% increase on the Conditions of Employment awarded in 2016, with a further 7.85% increase in 2017 and an additional 7.3% increase in 2018. The Conditions of Employment are applicable to basic salaries as well as housing allowances and bonuses.

“The negotiations were held with a firm commitment, intensity and resolve from all parties, and a spirit of fair play and harmony were distinct characteristics prevailing throughout.”

“These negotiations have once again proven that nothing can substitute fair, open and transparent conversations in the sphere of recognised labour and willing business.”

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