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Diamond miner drives Oranjemund transition to civil town

13 December 2016 – Namdeb said earlier this month it has been working hand in hand with the Oranjemund Town Council and other key stakeholders such as the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) to ensure the smooth transformation of Oranjemund into a model town.

These desires and strong partnerships were recently demonstrated in Ondangwa at the Joint Business Information Sharing Indaba between the Oranjemund and Ondangwa Town Councils. The Indaba was held at Ekamuti Lodge which is owned by a former Namdeb employee and well renowned businessman, Mr. John Endjala.

The long-term effect of diamond mining activities continues to have far-reaching socio economic benefits for Namibia.

Namdeb’s Town Transformation and Sustainability Lead, Tony Bessinger said “It is important for Namdeb to continue contributing to Namibia’s economy by focusing on core activities of diamond mining so that we can realise our long term potential to 2050 and beyond.”

“At the same time, we want to be associated with a unique town that thrives on new possibilities” he continued adding that various options are considered as part of the strategy to ensure Oranjemund makes a successful transition from mining town to promulgated town.

The process is driven via a three-leg approach comprising the transfer of municipal services; the transition and integration of the town into the regional and national frameworks, and the actual transformation and diversification of the local economy.

Namdeb provides the driving momentum to steer the process that will eventually lead to the sustainability of Oranjemund without the label of being solely a mining town.

Bessinger said Namdeb is receiving the necessary support from all key stakeholders to fast track the transformation process in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Oranjemund is a vibrant coastal town with much potential underscored by the successful Oranjemund Diamond Festival held at the beginning of December 2016.

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