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Dr Dirk Mudge receives highest academic honour

Dr Dirk Mudge receives highest academic honour

09 December 2016 – Famous farmer, businessman and political pioneer, Mr Dirk Mudge, today received a PhD from the University of Stellenbosch for his life-long dedication and commitment to the political process in Namibia.

Dr Mudge played a pivotal role in the transition of the former South West Africa to a multi-party democracy for all its citizens without discrimination of whatever kind.

Through his outstanding negotiating skills and sense of strategy, he has proven himself an exceptional leader of transformation, who not only helped steer Namibia to independence, but also paved the way for political transition in South Africa. His tireless leadership in the service of his country, his innovation in search of alternative political solutions for Namibia and his extraordinary transition management capabilities are all qualities recognised by the university when he was nominated as a candidate for a PhD honoris causa, earlier this year.

“With exceptional visionary, strategic and transformational leadership, he not only served as “peace broker”, leading his traditional support base onto a new path, but also played a significant role in facilitating reconciliation between white and black in Namibia. In many respects, he helped break through the post-World War II impasse on the status and position of this former mandated territory of South Africa.” the university stated.

In May last year, Dr Mudge published his book on Namibia’s Independence. Titled “All the way to Independence,” the veteran politician chronicled the tentative steps that started as single points of contact and later grew into a groundswell that engulfed the entire country, ultimately leading to Independence on 21 March 1990.

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