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Give me some Geely

A car for the smart independent woman who wants to make a statement but still have some money left over for that special day out with the girls, the Geely LC Cross is the car that simply says ‘Bring it on’.
With its sporty, chic and classy look, the Geely LC Cross emulates a rugged SUV appearance packed in a capsule form. It’s been called tiny and cute, but there is nothing tiny about this car. A spacious cabin up front gives one the feeling of being on top of the world and definitely empowered.
Forget the stories about the Chinese and their ‘Fong Kong’ merchandise, the Geely LC Cross has proven to be nothing like a Chinese knock off. This is a unique vehicle that’s been conceptualised, designed and manufactured by the Chinese to perfection.
All LC Cross models come with 14” alloy rims sporting 175/65 radials, power steering, air con, power windows front and rear, electric mirrors, rear window wipers and rear window demisters.
The boot space of the Cross is not that enviable, as it has a spare wheel compartment, but that is not a problem for the ladies, well unless you carry ladders and tool boxes in the back. But the Park Distance Control (PDC) system makes up for that. And its petite size makes it easy to slot into those small parking areas.
The Geely LC Cross also features ABS brakes with EBD as standard, as well as side reinforcements in the doors. Child safety locks are also standard, as are rear spoilers with high mounted stop lights.
The car has been said to make women swoon over its sad panda eyes making it simply adorable. I believe that its a great effort by the Chinese and it is proof that the Chinese motor industry has come a long way. Established manufacturers that underestimated the brand should think again.
So for a cute accessory that’s definitely not a fluke, get yourself a Geely LC Cross. Prices are N$109,900 for the LC Cross GS, N$119,900 for the LC Cross GL and N$129,900 for the LC Cross GT.

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