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Portal for analysis of governance performance launched

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation launched the new IIAG Data Portal, which provides unprecedented access to 15 years of data, crucial to assessing the quality of governance in African countries a fort night ago.

The Data Portal which will be freely available online, will serve as an interactive platform for in-depth analysis and review of governance performance across Africa.

Launched on African Statistics Day, the Data Portal reinforces the Foundation’s commitment to strengthening the availability and use of data in Africa. Through its specially designed digital format, the Data Portal provides access to the most comprehensive collection of data on African governance to policymakers, businesses, academics and civil society.

The IIAG Data Portal contains a number of innovative features, including, enabling users to undertake bespoke analysis of governance ranks, scores and trends over the fifteen-year period since 2000, for each of Africa’s 54 countries; making possible, for the first time, to examine data at the indicator-level for all 95 IIAG indicators; allowing users to generate visualisations and graphics from the data that are shareable online and providing a user-friendly interface that facilitates navigation for anyone, from expert statisticians to the public.

Commenting on the launch of the IIAG Data Portal, Abdalla Hamdok, Chair of the Mo Ibrahim Foundation Advisory Council and Acting Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), said , “The Portal is a powerful tool that allows anyone who is interested in African governance to make their own assessments using its 95 individual measures of governance.

With it, anyone can build on the analysis conducted by the Foundation and produce new and unique findings from the data. We hope that the ability to conduct research of this kind will be invaluable to those seeking to identify solutions to the challenges confronting African nations today,” he added.

Furthermore, he said, “I’m delighted that the Foundation can play its part in taking forward Africa’s data revolution, and I hope that our new Data Portal will support efforts to improve governance on the continent”.

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